face book is fun?!

Face Book is fun?!

In my face book page  I have a friend who has the picture of Camel as a profile picture. you might have some as well , like ; gorilla, parrot, motorbike , bridge, blow-dryer…! I know I know it is about a choice and we are free to choose what we want to have as our profile picture but believe me when you see the picture of camel under the name of person Julia X or Edward Y … then you feel A ! A !  Hope not lots of Julia outside, send me message what do you talk about?! I could not have any comment on Julia’s X camel picture in her profile, what could I say? Hmm! Julia you look so beautiful in this picture? I better to change the subject!!

Here you go the relation statues! I think it is most fun part for all genders, both men and women, don’t tell me it is not !  even for some who feels like Cinderella in their relation, then two partner decide to have the pictures of both in profile and some even more creative to have wedding pictures as profile picture! just to show how happy they are together and we feel how creative people are around us!! for the rest who are not married they are not yet sure if they change the relation statues to single , in relation , not in relation , going to be in relation , relation under process , relation under maintenance , back to relation , back to ex , will never back to ex ,looking for girl friend/boy friend “note : it can be more option in the future upon your request, face book is open to your idea ”  …but  thanks face book for having an option to not show the relation statues also, feel free to use it but you will lose such a fun !

When reach to the age issue if you are under 30 you have all the options , you can show the date of birth+ mouth +year+ time +pm +am+ how light was + how dark was when you born…above 30 you have the option to just show date of the birth and no need to be worry about the year you can make it to be vanished!  above 40  you have an option to show nothing or follow the under 30 options ! it is up to you ! but honestly is the best policy always! Believe me !  

One of most interesting face book fun is ; what you have in mind? it is a good box in fact  because I get updated of how the burger of my friend was big at lunch , if anyone go to have sex on weekend , not having sex on weekend , how big is Brazil , and how good is parachuting …etc ! see how many interesting information I can get there , more than that I can leave my comment.  .

By the way if you want to sell even your ice cream face book it is a good place to start before it gets melt! ohhh I know it is not a shopping area but it is all about networking these days !

  No worries if you can’t leave me a comment just show me your thump!

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I have alot to say about me that is why I am here ! but more than that , it is not just about me it is about how I think. Cheers
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