friendship/I am missing my friends

Do you have someone to tell your secrets to ? Someone who you can really trust? How does it feel to have a person like that? Do you feel better when you talk to him/her ? What do you call this person? Friend? Best friend?

What about you , are you the one that someone can really trust and tell you his/her secrets? what would be your reaction ? do you feel ok ? or you think it is too much to handle ? what they call you ? Friend? Best friend? Someone they can’t live without?

But generally do we need to have a person like that in our life? Or you prefer to keep your secrets inside of you ?

If the answer of the first series of my question is yes ; then How do you treat those kind of friends ? do you really care of them the way they deserve it ?

Honestly in the area that I live I wish I could find one. Someone who I can really trust and share my feeling. I am not talking about lover ,that one is different story. Also I am not talking about the people who they want have fun with you , to go to the party with you or they ask you to go to movie with them …

When I start living in an environment far from my hometown, where speed and business has more meaning, then the only topic of the day is; how much you give me benefit if I sit with you instead of how are you? Busy life makes lots of changes on the people mindset. They start to see everything like the goods which they can buy from you and they will pay instead. Even your time, your emotion your energy your ears ….etc .in this environment the people become so selfish day by day and the emotion will get fade gradually. I don’t blame the cities or the countries because they do not have meaning without people and without people attitude. But I put the pressure of those people who kept their mind like a ball in the service of the business.

This text it is not the assignment to criticize anyone, it is just a feeling and my observation and of course what I experience these days about the friendship.

Two days ago I found myself in the situation that I am surrounded by people who I can talk to them but can’t not have a real nice conversation. Today it came to my mind again, I had a feeling while I was driving my way to office I felt friendship will not happen any easily anymore these days, because people are too busy for you to listen to you, however they expected from you.

 but if you have some friend who you can share your thoughts, feeling, and more than that your secrets …, appreciate them today without any delay, and care of them a lot because they are going to be rare I believe. And if you are someone special in life of your friends send a big kiss to yourself and be sure you are unique. This time if any of my friends asked me when you come home I will not tell them I am not sure I will tell them I will do my best to see you soon. Because I love you and I am missing you here .

About gosheh

I have alot to say about me that is why I am here ! but more than that , it is not just about me it is about how I think. Cheers
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4 Responses to friendship/I am missing my friends

  1. Arash says:

    As I remember, always my friends trust on me, share their secrets and follow my instructions 😉
    I donno is it something to be proud of it or …
    Unfortunately, I never trusted on some one to share mine.

  2. Arash says:

    -You are absolutely right.
    Nowadays, you wont be able to find a friend who cares about your feeling, senses and all those things, people are busy as hell, we are doing our life as a habit, not as a gift to be enjoyed!!

    -By the way, I like the way of your explanation, seems we are at the spot with all those details around 😉
    keep on your good job Mona!

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