Snow , Snow , Snow …

It is not weird if I say I missed the winter, I miss the snow . I really miss the snow. Maybe the people who experience something between 0 to -4, -10 C° degree they will laugh at me ,but in other hand may they feel ok when they read this .

At the moment some part of this beautiful world are freezing and here in middle east/UAE is too dry . I am living in Dubai ,  till now there is no rain and all is sunny ,sunny ,sunny .

I know this is nice also but I experience it every day. It is like every day is the same .If I want to be fair one afternoon in last month it was raining for 1 hour and that was since fall has started . The temperature in a day is between 26 to 30C° degree and at night if we are lucky will reach to 14 degree ! isn’t it too hot for the winter . I know I can experience swimming in December which is wow also.

I don’t have a chance to travel to any ski destination or cold area till beginning of march because I have to be at work and plus I dont have 10 or 15 days holiday for Christmas and New Year . The interesting part is even I have to be at work the next day after New Year and it is too boring. Then for now, no chance to get the feeling of cold weather and snow in upcoming Christmas and New Year .

I miss snow . I want to wear hat, boots ,rain coat and thick socks. I want to feel cold and slide may hands into my coat’s pocket.  I just collect different socks from store but I am afraid I don’t have chance to wear them this winter. Last winter was quite interesting; I spent my time in Austria and I went for ski to Wolfsburg area. However it was super cold and when I was on the ski piste I was blaming myself of being in the tough ski shoes which I could hardly walk on that weather but now I am missing  that moment and I feel how was amazing. But the most beautiful sense which I missed about snow is; when the snow start falling and I sit at home with the light yellow light and a cup of tea or a bowl of the soup and I can see this view from the window and I can see how everything will become white like a blanket of white cotton .

Last week one of my friend who does photography sent me this picture and I easily loved it . I loved all the birds who sit on the tree branches.when I see this photo I  start to think about those birds ; are they cold ?have they eaten ?maybe I can give them a shelter? Maybe I should open the window and let them to come in?

Anyway how much I say I miss the winter , I will miss it more .




I believe it is important to get the seasonal feeling , spring , summer , fall , winter , they are all beautiful . some of us like one season more than other , some of us like sun more than rain and some rain more than snow and some love snow like me . but at the end ; we have to give ourselves a chance to touch the beauty of seasons . I read about the weather influence in people life in different part of the world ,now I start to feel how this seasonal circle in life can affect the feeling of me . Anyway life is beautiful in any part of the world and may I have to be optimistic that I can go to open swimming pool in middle of December in Dubai , but of course it would be more beautiful for me to feel the winter in the winter.

What some might missed in the middle of the winter and heavy snow is a little shine of the Sun which is a lot here and what I missed in the middle of the sun is the winter and snow….Why we always miss the things which we don’t have, (silly sentence I know )…;)

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